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California Title 24

Do you haveyour Title 24 Certificate of Compliance up to date?

If you have had work done to your air conditioning system, or have replaced your system, did your contractor update your certificate?

You need an accurate Title 24 Certificate to sell your home.


What is a Title 24 Certificate of Compliance?


The California Energy Commision (CEC) set up the Title 24 program. Title 24’s standards seek to reduce heating, cooling, and electricity bills for consumers. Title 24 dates from the 1970s, but has been updated continuously since. Concern about natural gas availability and price has been one spur driving the standards (natural gas is heavily used for both heating and electricity generation in California). The Title 24 standards cover many aspects of the home including insulation, windows and heating and cooling systems. Each new home is required to have a Title 24 certificate when it is built. When homes are remodeled, windows replaced, insulation added or heating and cooling systems replaced, each contractor is to provide the home owner with a new certificate for the work they did.


Why do I need an updated certificate?


Title 24 standard's are periodically updated, usually with higher efficiency requirements. If you had your air conditioner replaced last year, and your contractor didn't update your certificate, you will not be getting credit for the higher efficiency product that was installed. And thus you may be out of compliance.


Best in the West is Title 24 compliant!


We know all the standards for Heating and Air Conditioning systems including:


  • Minimum Air Conditioning Efficency
  • Insulation of refrigeration lines
  • Proper refrigeration charging
  • Minimum air flow requirements
  • Requirements for ductwork sealing and testing
  • Whole building ventilation requirements
  • Auto-setback Thermostats
  • House Zoning control standards
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) standards



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