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Safety Tips When Dealing With Natural Gas

General Safety Rules When Dealing With Natural Gas

* Follow directions from the manufacturer for using and taking care of gas appliances. Seek professional help when necessary.

*Keep combustibles such as papers, fluids, paints, curtains and rags away appliances.

*Keep gas ranges clean, make sure burner bowls are free of used matches, grease, paper, etc.

*Have a fire extinguisher near gas appliances at all times. Use a CO2 or dry-chemical extinguisher for the kitchen.

*Teach children never to light or play with the controls of any gas appliances.

*Keep the pilot lights of your gas range lit. If you put them out to save energy, a dangerous gas build-up can occur if someone accidentally turns on the range.

*Look for a certification seal when purchasing a new gas appliance. This ensures that the equipment design meets strict safety standards.

* Never use your gas range to heat your home or apartment. This practice creates a serious fire hazard and puts you and your family at risk from dangerous carbon monoxide fumes.

If You Smell Natural Gas

*Open windows or doors and leave the facility.

*Do not look for the source of the smell with any open flame (even using a flashlight could be dangerous).

*If the smell is very strong, or you hear a blowing or hissing noise, leave immediately.

*Do not use anything that could generate a spark

*Do not use the telephone

*Do not turn light switches or equipment using electricity on or off.

*Do not turn vehicle ignitions on or off.

*Go to a neighboring phone and call the fire department or 911.

Remember These Tips When Taking a Trip

Whether you’re headed for a tropical getaway or to a cooler climate, here are three tips to make your return more pleasant.

*Before leaving, set your water heater to pilot and turn off the air conditioner to save energy and money.

*Be sure your gas light is burning and put an indoor light on a timer to give your home a lived-in look.

*Make your vacation last all summer by creating your own backyard paradise with a gas grill, lights, spa or patio heater. Keep your home cool by moving cooking outdoors, and forget the mess of charcoal or refilling propane tanks.